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*BLEM* Endplate

$14.95 $24.95

*BLEM* Endplate
*BLEM* Endplate *BLEM* Endplate *BLEM* Endplate

Our highly-popular endplate, with cosmetic blemishes, at a steep discount.

The endplate functions to smooth over the endplate and castle nut -- the two main friction areas when using ours or other companies' featureless grips.

We were trying out faster toolpaths, and they didn't turn out quite as good as we'd want. Rather than throw these out, we figured we'd offer them at a big discount, for customers looking for a great deal.

Functionally, the parts are flawless -- they just have some minor cosmetic issues.


  • Small gaps in the color anodizing, (first photo)
  • Some visible machine marks, (second photo)
  • And a section on the rear where we had to file off some extra material. (Third photo)

We include these photos, because we want you to know exactly what you're getting, no surprises.

Supplies on these are limited -- get them while you can!

We tried to pick one of the more blemished endplates for the photos- the one you receive may be *somewhat* more or less blemished.

There are no returns or exchanges on these, all sales are final.