Complete Upper, custom assembled

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If you are looking at our handguards and in the market for an upper, consider having us build one for you.

We will source the parts you request, assemble them, and test fire it. If your setup includes adjustable gas, we'll tune it to whatever ammo and buffer weight you want to send us. Otherwise we'll tune it for 65gr ammo with a standard buffer weight.

The cost is parts plus shipping, and then add $100 for labor. This is quite competitive for gunsmithing.


  • The build needs to include a set of our handguards. We're not trying to be a pure gunsmith; we're in the business of selling awesome gear. Knowing the upper includes a handguard sale is a big part of what makes this worthwhile for us.
  • Your other requested parts have to be available. Even if your thing is out of stock on major sites, we may be able to get it through dealer channels, so contact us.
  • Shipping is $40. That covers the postage, and one highly-discounted gun case that we'll send the upper in. This is a TSA-approved hardcase, so a nice little bonus.
  • Turnaround is 1-2 weeks. This will depend on which parts you ask us to source.

We won't be doing this forever. Right now we have the spare time to coordinate with people. Eventually we'll offer a set of standard complete uppers and nix the custom option.

If you're interested, email, and please put interested in a custom upper as the subject. That'll get the conversation started, and we'll take it from there!