Extended Safety v2.1, Two Arms/Ambi

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Version 2.1 -- center drum upgraded for a crisper click and enhanced compatibility with aftermarket triggers!

A complete safety, giving a thumb-flick and trigger-finger-flick to both right- and left-handed shooters. This is the only safety on the market that has been designed from the ground-up to pair perfectly with a featureless AR-15 grip. 


  • A 45-degree throw angle, to keep the paddle easily within thumb reach,
  • Paddle shape designed specifically for a compliant hand position.

Note: with FDE and ODG colors, there will be a small gap in cerakote on the inside of the screw-hole, where the product hung from the hook to be coated. The gap will not be visible after installation.


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    Must have

    Posted by Dennis on Jan 7th 2021

    I got this in combination with the grip and thread protector and I’m glad I did. The rifle is for my wife who’s left handed, I’m right handed. I couldn’t see trying to save a couple of dollars and not be happy with a single side safety. It’s position is right where you need it to be for positive operation. I was concerned that I would actuate the lever on the right side with my top index finger knuckle while firing but that wasn’t the case. I really like the short 35 degree throw, absolutely necessary with this grip. I’m very happy with my purchase; it looks great, operates smoothly and positively, the quality is first rate and dealing with Will was a pleasure. If you’re buying the grip, you absolutely, positively have to have one of their safeties. And if you think you might want to shoot from your weak side, upgrade to the ambi model. It works for us.

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    Do not buy this if...

    Posted by Chris on Jan 7th 2021

    The safety works great. The throw is very smooth with a good response at the end. The lever is very easy to flip and reaches your fingers very well, especially if you bought their compliance kit handle. BUT, if you anticipate doing any work with a sling, do not buy this. The arm of the safety that comes out and away from the gun will grab any and all clothing or equipment that it can. Most importantly, it will grab something on ur body and switch the gun from safe, to fire. Several times, I would be at the range, fire a couple rounds, put my rifle to safe, sling it behind me or to my side or across me chest, only to find that it would be flipped to fire. It was not a pleasant experience. Also, given that the arm grabs clothing, it will get stuck and bend if you use your rifle/sling roughly, which my did. Overall, not a bad product. It works well but the design was not thought through. If you do not anticipate doing any work with a sling, this safety is amazing, especially for those with the RA grip. For anything else, I wouldn’t recommend this.

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    Love it!

    Posted by Chris on Jan 7th 2021

    I use it with a Ledesma Arms grip. Due to the angled grip, it's hard to reach the safety until I installed the Resurgent Arms ambi safety. Works better than great. Never had it catch on my sling or clothing (like the other reviewer). Super crisp and easy to engage the safety with your index finger...just push it down.

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    Fantastic safety

    Posted by Douglas on Jan 7th 2021

    The ambi-safety is simply excellent. Materials and finish are top notch and the feel is just fantastic. I love the click-click action and shorter throw.... this is how they should all be. You should have seen the comparison of your parts to the original plastic unit. The original part looked like a piece of poo with no feel. Your parts transform my rifles. I am so pleased. GREAT JOB, GREAT PRODUCTS from Resurgent Arms. Oh... and I talk to a lot of people at the range who are impressed with your grips too. I love your stuff.