AK Featureless Grip/Stock

AK Featureless Grip/Stock

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We receive tons of emails asking, "Are you making a featureless grip for the AK?"

The answer is yes.

It is our top priority right now, with a tentative launch date of early July.


  • It will be a combination grip/stock. This is not for legal compliance; rather for ergonomics.

  • The profile of the stock will be nearly identical to the standard AK stock -- so you can enjoy the same cheek weld and shoulder footprint you're used to.

  • It will work for any AK-pattern rifle, both AKM and Yugoslav variants.

  • There will be spacers included, to give you -1/+2 inch length of pull difference from a standard AK stock.

  • It will be notched for the possibility of a cheek riser.

  • It will have, hands-down, the best ergonomics for any featureless AK grip or stock option.

If that sounds enticing, punch in your email. We'll keep you posted as we develop the product, and you'll get first dibs on ordering one at an early bird discount.