AR-15 Featureless-Compatible Safety Selector

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This includes the lever and the pin it screws into. These will ship already assembled, ready for drop-in installation.

Black anodized safeties are now available. Unfinished safeties are out of stock for 1-2 months.

The ability to use your thumb is crucial.

To use your thumb while staying legal, your featureless grip must place your hand up behind the receiver.

For many right-handed users, however, this puts a standard safety just out of reach. For the longest time, the only option was an expensive hack: buy an ambidextrous safety, and retrain yourself to use your trigger finger.

That was the only option... until now.

Introducing the Resurgent Arms Featureless-Compatible Safety (patent pending). The only safety designed and precision-machined -- from the ground up -- to be compatible with the unique hand position of a featureless grip.


  • An extended lever arm brings the safety back within reach of nearly every thumb size.
  • A 45-degree throw, to allow easy rotation from SAFE->FIRE and back with a flick of the thumb.

The paddle has a complex shape, rigorously ergo-tested to give the following benefits:

  • Anti-slip grooves on the upper surface
  • An angled rear surface that reduces discomfort going from FIRE->SAFE
  • An extra-wide surface, so you can access the paddle without rotating your hand
  • Edges that taper in, so the paddle is less likely to catch on something.

Our goal was to make a product that approximates the normal thumb-activated safety movement you may be used to.

In a stressful moment, you want the safety to be as easy to use as possible.


  • Is this for right-handed shooters? What about left-handed shooters?

Yes, this safety is for right-handed shooters.

For lefties, featureless grips like ours actually work right out of the box with a standard safety -- you simply use your trigger finger instead of your thumb. Here's a short video demonstrating that.

By contrast, small-handed righties may not be able to reach a standard safety at all, so we wanted to solve that problem first.

If enough left-handed shooters are interested in a left-handed version, we will do one. Ditto for an ambidextrous version with levers on both sides.

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