Featureless AR-15 Rifle Grip

Featureless AR-15 Rifle Grip

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IMPORTANT: our grip will not work with all buttstocks. To wrap your thumb over the top, you'll need a buttstock that leaves the bottom 2" of buffer tube exposed. Your best bet is a pinned adjustable, like this one.

Our flagship product, this patent-pending AR-15 grip is designed, from the ground-up, to be California featureless.

  • Features a thumb shelf for improved control
  • Rigorously ergo-tested to provide comfortable contours.
  • Forward finger shelf gives two grip options: normal and choked-up
  • Also includes: cavity plug, three protective bands, and a black-oxided grip screw

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Frequently-asked questions:

Will my existing stock work with this grip?

Most fixed stocks like the A2, Magpul MOE, Magpul PRS, and others will not work -- they leave no room for your thumb.

The best stock to pair with our grip will leave the bottom of the buffer tube exposed.

Any fixed adjustable stock will work nicely. All our photos and video show the MFT Minimalist, which we recommend highly. It's a great all-around stock, and is easy to remove the adjustment mechanism with basic tools. I'm looking into carrying this in our store. Most Magpul stocks can be made fixed via products like this.

What makes this grip featureless?
Here's a short explanation with pictures. (opens in a new window)

Is there a version for left-handed shooters?
No need. The grip is ambidextrous. Here is a short video demonstrating left-handed use.

Does this grip qualify as featureless in New York?
We couldn't say, as New York regulations are more vague, and haven't yet been tested in the courts. However, similar products have been selling for some time now. You assume any legal risk.

Will you guys be offering grips in OD Green/Grey/etc?
Yes, definitely. If we get enough interested people, we'll make any color. Help us out: go here and punch in your email. That gives us a headcount, so we know when to pull the trigger on a new color. (Not seeing a color you want? will@resurgentarms.com)

Can I use my standard safety effectively with this grip?
Yes, if you have large hands -- see this short video. If you have smaller hands, I'd recommend to bundle it with our safety and save $5.

Product weight?
3.5 oz.

Any other recommendations?
Your standard grip screw will work, without the washer. We recommend to apply thread-locker to the grip screw first.

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