Featureless AR-15 Rifle Grip

Featureless AR-15 Rifle Grip

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Our mission is to make featureless better, by offering great options at a reasonable price.

The core of our compliance kit is our highly-reviewed Featureless AR Grip.

Through extensive prototyping (30+ versions!), we have developed the most comfortable and controllable featureless grip on the market.

Compared to other grips, our curved surfaces and well-placed thumb shelf feel great in the hand, freeing up your concentration.



  • Thumb shelves on both sides, for right- and left-handed shooters
  • Contoured surfaces for comfort and control
  • An interior storage option
  • Two options of grip style (normal and choked-up) depending on your hand size
  • Compatible with nearly any adjustable stock

People regularly tell us that we have the most comfortable featureless grip on the market. Try out our grip, and find out for yourself!

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