Gen3 Safety, Ambi

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Our industry-leading safety.

A complete redesign, it now features:

  • Two arm choices per side
  • Eight mounting angles per side
  • Crisp click with minimal creep
  • Black and Red are anodized, FDE and ODG are cerakoted and accurate to Magpul colors (see endplate page for photos of the color options)

Recommended options by setup:

  • Featureless Grip/Thordsen Stock
    • Extended Arm for thumb-side
    • Medium Arm for trigger-side
  • Fin Grip
    • Medium Arm for both sides
  • National Market or Fixed Magazine
    • Extended Arm for thumb-side, Medium Arm for trigger-side

Automatic bundle discount: $4 off a safety when paired with any grip or grip kit/bundle!


  • 2
    Gen3 am I safety

    Posted by Metalsd on Aug 16th 2023

    I took off my Battle Arms ambi safety to run this, and I am switching it back. This safety has sharp edges that I can barely reach. Cuts into my thumb. It is very gritty and does not throw very well. I wouldn’t have purchase this if I had a chance to try it before I bought it.

  • 3
    Design; fit and finish

    Posted by Jones on Jul 19th 2022

    Hopefully there is a Gen 4. The design could be better—instead of a flat, paddle-shape extension on the extended arm, a rounded ball or half-ball would be better as it wouldn’t catch on anything and wouldn’t have shape edges. The fit and finish of the item was wanting as the edges were knife-edge sharp. Bring back the pointer tip/index, which was in earlier models. It’s helpful, given the short-angle throw.

  • 2
    Broke Immediately

    Posted by Luke Beilstein on Jul 1st 2022

    I was super excited to receive my extended safety. After 4 weeks of waiting it finally arrived. I installed the new safety and tightened it down. It was at this moment I noticed my brand new safety was bent, I put it back into position and about 10 minutes of dry fire later the entire thumb pad broke off. This experience was extremely disappointing and has left me looking for a new extended safety. Sure this safety looks great, but if it breaks this easily it doesn't seem like a viable option. **Response from RA** When we make thousands of parts, every once in a while one is defective. In those cases, we always replace or refund the part. I checked, and I don't see any communications from you. If you're still not happy, let me know and we'll fix the situation.

  • 5
    Great Ambi Safety

    Posted by CJ on Oct 6th 2021

    The ideal ambi safety for a featureless grip. It has a very positive flip when engaged. The 45 degree throw is perfect for a featureless grip as your thumb can reach under the thumb rest to flip it back up. For small hands like mine, it's perfect to engage to Fire and Safe. I do have a few minor problems about the selector though: 1) the corners of the thumb shelf are a bit sharp. If you're trying to reach for the selector quickly, you'd easily cut yourself, and it's easily snag on your shirt or carrier. I had to sand off the corners for a smoother feel so I can reach for the selector safely. 2) it's more of an opinion, but I think the thumb shelf could use a little more material underneath it. It's very slim profile which is nice, but if used with a carrier I'm afraid that it would snap off or bend. I'd suggest a bit more material on the underside to strengthen it and to keep it rounded so if I'm shooting gloveless, my thumb can smoothly engage the selector (but I do prefer to engage Safe with my trigger finger anyways). I'd like my selector durable. Overall it's a very great product. With a little sanding, it felt perfect for me.

  • 5
    Excellent safety

    Posted by Michael Johnson on Sep 21st 2021

    I have the resurgent arms grip and in order to engage and disengage the safety one handed this was a must have I like having the extended arm on the right side I engage safety on and off with my shooting pointer finger. The flat lever on the left side is nice because when I sling my rifle on me it is not gouging into me or snagging on my clothes.

  • 4
    Nice fit except…

    Posted by Angel S on Sep 14th 2021

    Sharp edge at the corner. I had to sand it down a bit, otherwise this could’ve been 5 stars.

  • 5

    Posted by Nicholas on Sep 7th 2021

    This is by far the best safety selector out there! Its not only cool, but very versatile, and it makes my AR look even cooler with the extended FDE safety selector on it. But not only does it look cool, it functions great as well. I had no problem installing it and the switch is smooth as butter. You'll definitely want this for your AR!

  • 5
    Gen3 Safety

    Posted by Rudy on Jul 18th 2021

    Beautiful finish. Very versatile mounting options. Love it.

  • 5
    Gen 3 Safety, Ambi

    Posted by Paul on Jul 10th 2021

    If you live in CA, this is a necessary accessory for you. Its design and construction allow easy and direct access to your safety. It is a well thought out piece of equipment.