Gen3 Safety, Ambi

$40.95 - $50.95
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Now compatible with KP-15 lowers, and two-stage aftermarket triggers (tested with Geiselle and LaRue).

Black and red safeties have a 2.5 week ship time. (around Dec 16th)

Our brand new, industry-leading safety.

A complete redesign, it now features:

  • Two arm choices per side
  • Eight mounting angles per side
  • Crisp click with minimal creep
  • Black and Red are anodized, FDE and ODG are cerakoted and accurate to Magpul colors (see endplate page for photos of the color options)

Recommended options by setup:

  • Featureless Grip/Thordsen Stock
    • Extended Arm for thumb-side
    • Medium Arm for trigger-side
  • Fin Grip
    • Medium Arm for both sides
  • National Market or Fixed Magazine
    • Extended Arm for thumb-side, Medium Arm for trigger-side