Featureless AR-15 Rifle Grip

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Through extensive prototyping (30+ versions!), we have developed the most comfortable and controllable featureless grip on the market.

Compared to other grips, our curved surfaces and well-placed thumb shelf feel great in the hand, freeing up your concentration.


  • Thumb shelves on both sides, for right- and left-handed shooters
  • Contoured surfaces for comfort and control
  • An interior storage option
  • Compatible with nearly any adjustable stock

People regularly tell us that we have the most comfortable featureless grip on the market. Try out our grip, and find out for yourself!

Note: grip NOT compatible with full-length fixed stocks. It requires an adjustable stock, fixed in at least the 3rd position out from collapsed. The stock stop product is great for this!

Note: not compatible with AR-10's, Ruger PC-9 carbines, or other similar rifles that modify the dimensions of the beavertail area. The vast majority of AR-15's in .556 are fine. Contact us if you're curious about your particular rifle.


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    well done!

    Posted by Ruel on Jan 7th 2021

    I guess I was one of the lucky ones, but deservingly! I finally received my 1st order yesterday afternoon and EASILY installed the grips later that night. It looks and feels great! The only thing left to do is take the rifles out to the range and pop off a few rounds! Hopefully, the safety selectors on my 2nd order made last month will ship out as planned. Well, I hope all your customers will be just as happy with their grips. Thanks for your great idea and hard work this past year.

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    worth the wait

    Posted by Mike on Jan 7th 2021

    I just got my grip today, it was a long wait but Im glad I went with this. It looks great! I think it's the best option out there. I'm going to keep the label for my muzzle brake in the storage cavity, incase some over zealous Leo decides it's a flash hider. Very handy.

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    Good product, a couple caveats

    Posted by Sam on Jan 7th 2021

    I just received your AR grip and fitted it to my AR. I also have a competitor's product that looks a lot like your grip and I made a direct comparison. I was pleased to see that your grip was of a robust design. It fits well in my big hand and I like the fit of your grip a little better than the competition's. I like the cap on the bottom and even though it is a little tight, I can live with it. Now for some design improvements. You put a lot of thought in the grip but it seems like the cap fit could have been designed a little better. I would recommend that in the future, the cap be designed with a "slide in" approach or a pinned hinge. Both can be done with a minimum amount of change to the molds (I believe). I would vote for the slide in method. If the grip bottom and bottom cap were more robust, I would add a hinge pin myself I did not see the "buffer tube and the castle nut both have sharp metal edges" problem. My hands are big but not fat. The problem I did see is the sharp edge around the AR "latch plate". Your competitor does a better job of resolving that issue by making that area of the grip fatter, with more plastic. that moves the sides of the hand web away from the plate edges. This could be resolved in your design by making the grip wider in that area (small tooling change?). All in all the grip should do the job By the way, the shipping method was excellent, with no surprises or delays.

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    great product, suggestions for plug

    Posted by Donn on Jan 7th 2021

    Dear Will: I just received mine. Looks good. The plate was easy to attach once I watched your video. I was having a hard time at first. It is solidly fixed once in the side slots. Similarly, if you put something valuable inside like a ring or a few dollars or batteries, no one can readily figure out whether the plate comes off or how it is removed. That is a good thing. I like the idea of a rigid cover, although perhaps in the future maybe a small clip to release catch at one end, and a hinge pin on the end of the plate that has thickened polymer. We all can drill the grip so we can insert a pin to hold it. Give that some thought. I would certainly pay for another grip or for a fixation pin assembly. if that is a modification under advice. The compartment is truly secret, and perhaps that is the key here. My small angled hand stop has a little compartment with a rubber cap but it is a little flimsy. I think your cap being rigid, sturdy, and lock tight, is better.!!

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    i have small hands and i love it!

    Posted by Sara on Jan 7th 2021

    I received my grip today and wanted to let you know how pleased I am. Well done with this product. With my small 'girl hands', as my hubby puts it, this grip works very well for me. There is much more comfort with the ambidextrous thumb ledges, the thumb web width, and the ledge forward of the screw than there is with the hammerhead. I couldn't get the hammerhead off fast enough. I love the inscription on the inside also.

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    Posted by Tim on Jan 7th 2021

    I will save on the length of this email and sum it up with AWESOME Many thanks for your efforts with the grip and am looking forward to the safety.

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    Great grip! Needed some dremeling to make the washer fit

    Posted by Anthony on Jan 7th 2021

    I'm happy to say I've just received the grips and they look amazing! I can tell these were made with high quality standards in mind just by the look and feel of them. However, there is also some bad news I need to report to you. I have attached photos showing that screw holes to screw the grip into the receiver should be enlarged just ever so slightly. The 2nd photo is showing the bolt on the DDM4V11 setup. It originally included a locking washer with the screw. The screw fits without any adjustments but the locking washer does not. The hole needed to be enlarged for the locking washer to fit. The 3rd photo is showing the bolt on the LWRC M6A2. The grip on this one was a Magpul MOE+ grip. Although it did not come with a locking washer, the head on the bolt was bigger than the DDM4V11, and was not able to fit. Since I had a Dremel tool handy, I just went ahead and enlarged the holes by a couple mm or so until I was able to fit the screw and locking washers in. Just letting you know, other people who don't have a Dremel tool may be in a bit of a bind if they come across this issue. Otherwise, I have no problems with the grips and they are fantastic! Thanks for fully committing to your project from start to finish! I'm glad everything worked out for you and I'll be waiting for your release of the enhanced ambi safety selector!

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    bad ass!

    Posted by Victor on Jan 7th 2021

    I can't stop playing with my new grips!!! I got the hang of it the first time! I watched your video so many times, it was natural

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    glad i waited

    Posted by David on Jan 7th 2021

    The new grip is phenomenal, and well worth the wait. You did great work on this.