BLEM - Gen3 Safety, Ambi

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BLEM -- the arms have cosmetic gaps in the finish. For that reason, there are no returns or exchanges. However, we guarantee the product functions properly. If it can be shown not to, we'll refund or replace it.

Now compatible with KP-15 lowers, and two-stage aftermarket triggers (tested with Geiselle and LaRue).

Our brand new, industry-leading safety.

A complete redesign, it now features:

  • Two arm choices per side
  • Eight mounting angles per side
  • Crisp click with minimal creep
  • Black and Red are anodized, FDE and ODG are cerakoted and accurate to Magpul colors (see endplate page for photos of the color options)

Recommended options by setup:

  • Featureless Grip/Thordsen Stock
    • Extended Arm for thumb-side
    • Medium Arm for trigger-side
  • Fin Grip
    • Medium Arm for both sides
  • National Market or Fixed Magazine
    • Extended Arm for thumb-side, Medium Arm for trigger-side