Competition AR-15 Carbon Fiber Handguards

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Introducing the next step in carbon fiber octagon handguards.

Everything you'd expect from carbon fiber:

  • light weight -- 7.1oz in 12.5" with barrel nut
  • good heat insulation
  • 1.770" inner diameter -- fits over most suppressors
  • great looks and surface texture
  • MLOK along eight surfaces

Weight with barrel nut:

15.75" - 8.2 oz

13.75" - 7.53 oz

12.5 - 7.1 oz

10.5 - 6.4 oz

9.25" - 6.0 oz

7.25" - 5.2 oz

Along with our innovations:

  • Mounts directly to the barrel nut using eight screws for strength
    • Screws are countersunk, smooth with the handguard surface 
    • Minimizes the amount of hot metal on the handguard exterior
  • Compatible with Aero Enhanced uppers, so you can mount your handguards directly to the upper.
    • Super strong, great for holding zero on DMR builds, and makes for incredibly easy installation
  • Great-looking Matte finish
  • Offset MLOK slots for a cleaner look
  • Colored carbon fiber available!**

Kit includes: handguard, barrel nut, loctite, all mounting hardware.

**Note: colored sets are made to order, so there is a minimum 2 week turnaround.