BLEM: Apocalypse AR-10 Carbon Fiber Handguards

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BLEM: these handguards have cosmetic blemishes in the surface finish, so there are no returns or exchanges. That being said, we do guarantee they will function properly and we'll take care of it if they don't.

  • Thick, high-end carbon fiber for extreme strength.
  • Fantastic heat resistance--easy to handle during extended firing.
  • Intelligently-located M-LOK slots.
  • Bottom grooves provide improved grip during hard outdoor use.
  • Free-floated, with barrel nut included. (Note: AR-10 barrel nut is 2.5 oz heavier than the AR-15 equivalent, as it's made from steel instead of aluminum)
  • Fits most low-profile gas blocks.
  • Coming soon: top rail section for front backup

Note: standard three-prong armorer's wrench works to install the barrel nut. Will not work with the fancy six-prong ones!

The idea behind the Apocalypse handguards is to take advantage of the lighter weight of carbon fiber, to double up on the thickness and create one of the strongest handguards available, while matching the weight of your lighter aluminum handguards.

In keeping with the theme of extreme use and durability, M-LOK slots are tastefully machined, to attach things right where they're most needed. Grooves are machined into the bottom, for best handling even in wet or muddy conditions.

The carbon fiber itself has a much nicer texture than aluminum, and is a fantastic heat shield. Unlike other brands, our handguards screw directly into the barrel nut, so there's no external metal clamps on which to burn yourself. During testing, even after a triple-mag-dump, the handguards were able to be handled. This also matters if you live in a hot area and leave your rifle in the sun.

These are strong, rugged, and designed for tough use.

Available now in limited supply.

Handguard weights:

7.25" -- 3.6 oz
9.25" -- 4.6 oz
10.5" -- 5.2 oz
12.5" -- 6.8 oz
13.5" -- 7.6 oz
15.75" -- 8.8 oz

With Hardware:

7.25" -- 9.4 oz
9.25" -- 10.4 oz
10.5" -- 11.0 oz
12.5" -- 12.6 oz
13.5" -- 13.4 oz
15.75" -- 14.6 oz