BLEM: Competition AR-15 Carbon Fiber Handguards

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BLEM: these handguards have cosmetic blemishes in the surface finish, and some may have rows of MLOK slots that aren't perfectly lined up. Hence, there are no returns or exchanges. That being said, we do guarantee they will function properly and we'll take care of it if they don't.

Introducing the next step in carbon fiber octagon handguards.

Everything you'd expect from carbon fiber:

  • light weight -- 7.1oz in 12.5" with barrel nut
  • good heat insulation
  • 1.770" inner diameter -- fits over most suppressors
  • great looks and surface texture
  • MLOK along eight surfaces

Weight with barrel nut:

15.75" - 8.2 oz

13.75" - 7.53 oz

12.5 - 7.1 oz

10.5 - 6.4 oz

9.25" - 6.0 oz

7.25" - 5.2 oz

Along with our innovations:

  • Mounts directly to the barrel nut using eight screws for strength
    • Screws are countersunk, smooth with the handguard surface 
    • Minimizes the amount of hot metal on the handguard exterior
  • Compatible with Aero Enhanced uppers, so you can mount your handguards directly to the upper.
    • Super strong, great for holding zero on DMR builds, and makes for incredibly easy installation
  • Great-looking Matte finish
  • Offset MLOK slots for a cleaner look
  • Colored carbon fiber available!**

Kit includes: handguard, barrel nut, loctite, all mounting hardware.

**Note: colored sets are made to order, so there is a minimum 2 week turnaround.